• The custom script download works again. Last code update May 2020.
Processing is done after the upload, image processing parameters need to be set before the upload to have effect. Default settings will leave the image untouched.
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Steps for creating a texture
  • hide Pick a GIF or VIDEO as a source for your texture
  • hide Image processing: resize, effects and more
  • hide Upload the GIF or VIDEO
  • hide Disable unwanted frames
  • hide Create the texture

Selecting a GIF or VIDEO file as a source
  • When making a loop pick a source with a fixed camera position, no zooming or panning and no change in lighting for the best result.
  • Secondlife textures are limited to 1024x1024 pixels. The frames are put in the texture as tiles so less frames means better image quality.
  • Sources with more than 500 frames will process very slow.
  • If you want to crop a gif you can use this site: ezgif crop.
  • Logo in your gif? Try reverse image search to find one without it.
Image processing
  • For a source with large dimensions use the resize option.
    This will make processing and editing faster.
  • Use the link to show image processing options.
  • The effect 'black and white' will use two colors: black and white.
  • The effect 'greyscale' will look like a black and white picture.
  • Colorize will use the selected color and make the image that tint.
  • 'Restore defaults' will reset the image processing options.
Uploading a GIF or VIDEO
  • You can use drag&drop, drop the file anywhere to upload.
  • Processing a typical 4 mb GIF should take about 4 seconds.
  • Processing a 3 mb video with 800 frames can take up to a minute.
    To improve uploading and processing speeds cut down larger videos to the part you want. Shorter is better and always faster.
  • The preview takes a few seconds to start animating sometimes.
  • If in IE your preview flickers a lot try using chrome instead.
Advanced editing - Disable unwanted frames
  • If your video has too many frames disable some by clicking them.
    or use one of the preset frame enabe/disable buttons
  • partial slomotion: use only the odd frames and then make parts of the video go slower by enabling some even frames in that part.
  • To see more frames at once select a smaller frame display size.
  • To see the preview while editing frames click the 'float' button.
  • Read the info about optimal framecount under advanced options.

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Upload a .gif or video
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Note: video usually has 30 or 60 frames per second, please don't upload long videos. A few seconds quickly means a 100's of frames to download into your browser.
For a source with a large dimension (e.g. 1920x1080) please use the resize option.
Resize to 25% will be 8x faster and the result will be identical.