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Steps for creating a texture
  • hide Pick a GIF or VIDEO as a source for your texture
  • hide Upload the GIF or VIDEO
  • hide Disable unwanted frames

Selecting a GIF or VIDEO file as a source
  • When making a loop pick a source with a fixed camera position, no zooming or panning and no change in lighting for the best result.
  • Secondlife textures are limited to 1024x1024 pixels. The frames are put in the texture as tiles so less frames means better image quality.
  • Sources with more than 500 frames will process very slow.
  • If you want to crop a gif you can use this site: ezgif crop.
  • Logo in your gif? Try reverse image search to find one without it.
Uploading a GIF or VIDEO
  • You can use drag&drop, drop the file anywhere to upload.
  • Processing a typical 4 mb GIF should take about 4 seconds.
  • Processing a 3 mb video with 800 frames can take up to a minute.
    To improve uploading and processing speeds cut down larger videos to the part you want. Shorter is better and always faster.
  • The preview takes a few seconds to start animating sometimes.
  • If in IE your preview flickers a lot try using chrome instead.
Advanced editing - Disable unwanted frames
  • If your video has too many frames disable some by clicking them.
    or use one of the preset frame enabe/disable buttons
  • partial slomotion: use only the odd frames and then make parts of the video go slower by enabling some even frames in that part.
  • To see more frames at once select a smaller frame display size.
  • To see the preview while editing frames click the 'float' button.
  • Read the info about optimal framecount under advanced options.

Resize before uploading.
Upload a .gif or video
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Videos are 30 or 60 frames per second. A few seconds quickly means 100's of frames and MB's so please upload only short clips.
Resize to 50% will be 4x faster, 25% will be 16x faster. The resulting texture will be identical. See image processing options.